Galaxy Grey Reflective

Grey Reflective is a silver-grey film with a dark, rich look for any commercial building. It delivers maximum heat rejection while reducing the interior shine associated with most commercial films, yet drastically reduces glare. Grey Reflective rejects over 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, ensuring that employees remain safe from the effects of direct sunlight while helping to control heating and cooling costs and eliminate uneven hot spots.


Galaxy Silver Reflective

Silver Reflective is the perfect film for commercial buildings that receive an excessive amount of exposure from the sun. Metalized with aluminum, it provides the comfort and protection to deliver cost-efficient energy savings for building managers and owners.

With a sleek, silver look these reflective films blend well with today’s modern architecture. These films will also never fade and block more than 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause both interior fading and contribute to potential health risks to employees.


Galaxy Bronze Reflective

Bronze Reflective is a mirrored film that has a warm, bronze glow that will complement the exterior façade of any commercial building. When looking out, the bronze undertones are even more subtle, allowing for a natural view of the outside world.

Since it is a reflective film, it maximizes solar performance, providing superior glare and heat reduction. Bronze Reflective also blocks more than 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays, making it a superb choice for any commercial application. Bronze Reflective can revitalize old buildings, creating a dramatic new appearance.