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The Innovator in Vehicle Remote Start and  Security systems.

ScyTek's Commitment to Success:
Scytek is committed to developing and providing to its customers the very best in vehicle remote start and security systems. This commitment is in all elements of the company's operations, and permeates into each employee and their day-to-day company activities. Scytek is focused on every product it delivers to be reliable and dependable, without exception. The company takes great pride in delivering the best systems in the automotive security market.

ScyTek Means Success!

  • Scytek has a long lineage of leading-edge, seasoned professionals. Using this experience, Scytek is consistently delivering reliable products.
  • Scytek is founded on a heritage of more than thirty years in product concept, design, production, and reliability.
  • Scytek products are distinguished by system design integrity.
  • Scytek products are engineered ,designed and developed in the USA. They exceed every industry standard and benchmark of performance for vehicle remote start and security systems.
  • Scytek products are distributed world-wide with the same consistency and integrity. (sold under, Galaxy, Astra,Visionguard and other brands name).